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Entek Power Services was founded in 1980 to provide consulting services to what was then the newly emerging independent power industry. For nearly two decades, we consulted on scores of projects—mostly cogeneration, hydroelectric, and waste-to-energy generating facilities—across the United States as well as internationally, providing assistance during both the development and operating phases of a project.

Although independent power was the prime focus of our consulting business, we also provided consulting services to local and state governments, national laboratories, and trade associations on other matters related to the energy business. Our core consulting competencies were electric power rates, power sales contracting, financial analyses, energy policy analyses, energy technology assessments, and retail electric power.

Starting in the mid-1980’s, Entek began to take on the role of a principal in power project development companies, focusing on developing gas-fired generating facilities. By 2000, we had mostly phased out our consulting business and were primarily involved in developing new power generation facilities, both conventional and renewable.

In 2009, the 350 MW Caithness Long Island Energy Center went on line, a project we had initiated and had worked on until commercial operation began. Currently we are working with Caithness on the development of a 750 MW second plant on the same site. In addition, we are also assisting in the development of a 350 MW solar photovoltaic system in the Mojave Desert; this is another Entek-initiated project which is now owned by by Bechtel.

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